A Creative Writing Experience

Imagine diving into a storyteller’s mind and unlocking his storytelling secrets....

‘Awesome Authors’allows your classes to become story-writing wizards! Our sessions transform children’s attitude to and aptitude for literacy. Through our experiential approach pupils are first immersed in their own narrative then, through shared drama skills and techniques, have the chance to live, breathe and then write their own story. Each inspirational activity reveals another key element to story-writing, from clear characterisation to crazy conflicts, super settings to snazzy soundscapes.
An ‘Awesome Authors’ residency breathes life into the mind of every child, igniting a fire in the imagination and a hunger for more, even your most reluctant writers!Wizard Stories will devise a tailored, bespoke series of workshops to suit your school, your targeted cohort or class. Our process consciously accommodates diverse learning styles and each workshop is fun, highly paced, engaging and inclusive.

"Awesome Authors!’ is a Literacy Boot Camp for your class!
Barbara Turner, Head teacher, Five Elms Primary, LB Barking and Dagenham