It's Monday 15th June 1215 King John has LOST the Magna Carta, the cornerstone of British Law!

With one thousand angry barons, knights and dukes eagerly sharpening their swords, King John desperately needs the help of your children to rewrite the meaning of Britishness and save the King's neck!

Wizard Stories, renowned for its unique, interactive approach is back with another project that breathes life into your curriculum. GET Magna CARTA!!! allows your class to examine the concept of British Values - what is important, how we coexist, what makes us belong and how we are connected.

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"Engaging, exciting and educational. A stimulating approach to tackling a challenging issue. Wizard Stories strikes again!" Jeremy Gibbard , Assistant Headteacher, Christchurch Primary, Ilford.

"Wizard Stories have helped to enhance our pupils' understanding within the culturally  diverse world we live in." Gary Hawkins Assistant Headteacher & Specialist Leader in Education, Beech Hill Primary School, Luton.